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15years on the internetOur way of doing business is to provide you with a high quality trailer at a fair price, usually delivered from stock. After shortages of the past couple years we are finally back to our normal way of doing business.

Almost all of our bunk style trailers are now available for immediate sale from stock. Need something special, a tri-tube kit, bunk wrap, aluminum wheels, load guides, , etc. We can install it on a stock trailer in a matter of hours.

single axle pontoon trailers
Single Axle
Pontoon Boat Trailers

For lighter weight pontoon boats
14’-23’ with engines under 50 H.P
tandem axle pontoon trailers
Tandem Axle
Pontoon Boat Trailers

For larger-heavier pontoon boats 20’-26’
 or when you just want four tires on the
ground  rather than only two.

triple axle pontoon trailers
Triple Axle
Pontoon Boat Trailers
For pontoon boats 25'+ in length with
large outboards or I/O engines.
center lift trailers for triple tube pontoons
Center Lift Pontoon
Boat Trailers
for Triple Tube Pontoons

Center Lift Pontoon Boat Trailers pontoon boats on trailers
Center Lift Pontoon Boat Trailers
 For Launching and retrieving in shallow water
 or winter storage with a low overhead door.
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what is the difference
Pontoon Trailer TechnologyLarge Radial Tires on non-rust Galvanized Rims, LED lights, modern powder coat finish, the trailer frame is fully braced to handle the modern heavy pontoons, brake trailers have modern DISC Brakes and the new custom look concealed brake actuator.

You can buy old fashioned  Pontoon Boat trailers with incandescent lights, bias ply tires, weak frames and drum brakes on Craig’s List or E-Bay (or from some boat dealers). If you’re buying a new boat don’t put it on an old fashioned trailer with obsolete technology. You wouldn’t buy a new car with drum brakes or bias ply tires to save a hundred dollars, why do it on a new trailer?
potoon boat trailer technology
Radial tires have more rubber on the road, run cooler, carry more weight, resist weather checking (sun cracking) and last longer than bias ply tires. LED lights don’t heat up like ordinary lights. A hot incandescent tail light can shatter when submerged in cool lake water. LED lights are vastly superior and radial tires only cost a few dollars extra. its an outrage that trailer companies are still selling new trailers with bias ply tires and incandescent lights. Modern boats are heavy, many state laws require brakes. Some manufacturers still use old fashioned drum brakes to satisfy state braking laws. We want you to be legal but more importantly, we want you to stop safely and not have your drum brakes lock up for lack of use. Disc brakes are vastly superior to drum brakes. The automotive industry hasn’t used drum brakes in years. In the next few years all boat trailers will have disc brakes, don’t buy a new pontoon trailer with old brake technology.

15 years on the web
2024 marks our fifthteenth year selling trailers on the internet. Early on a customer from western Canada came to Indiana, picked up a trailer, and traveled to Pittsburgh to get a boat and then back to Vancouver. That early sale helped us realize our responsibility to provide a quality product when customers place that much trust in us. We have continually upgraded our trailers over the years. LED lights, 13” (or 14”) radial tires, of the highest capacity rating, large 10” disc brakes (on brake trailers), the strongest frame in the industry and new for 2020 Rock Guard™ textured powder coat finish.
We are grateful to the four thousand customers who have entrusted us to provide them a trailer. We say the best way to avoid warranty is to start with the best components. Everyone in the trailer business knows what can go wrong but a few dollars saved on incandescent lights, small bias ply tires, electric or small diameter brakes, weak winches or tongue jacks, poor paint, etc. all shave a few dollars off selling price. You won’t know you’ve got trouble until you’ve owned the trailer a couple years and the warranty is expired.

We say that "you don’t have to know trailers, we do and have been selling them for thirty years."

Trailers are available for pick up in Elkhart, IN. (north-central Indiana)
We may be able to arrange shipping in neighboring states with contract carriers.
We may be able to arrange shipping to more distant locations, but too much freight quickly ruins our low pricing

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