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25 foor bennington pontoon boat on trailer rear view of 25 foot benninton pontoon boat on trailer
A 25’ Bennington on a PT-26T. This customer didn’t want a triple axle but did opt for the reinforced frame kit with 14” radial tires. The trailer probably could have benefited from a stern extension.
Harris Grande Mariner pontoon boat on trailer 
Harris pontoon boat front  Stern Harris Pontoon boat on trailer 
Harris Grand Mariner 250 on our PT-328. The model number 250 does not mean the boat is 25’ long. It’s actually 26’9” (almost 27’long).
The manufacturers stated weight is 4600 lbs. and the boat can carry 100 gallons of fuel. Gasoline weigh 6 lbs. per gallon so realistically this boat should be on a trailer with a capacity of at least 6000 lbs. Our PT-328 has 8500 lbs. capacity and the strongest frame in the industry.  
home made pontoon boat
home made pontoon boat
25 foot Barletta
25’ Barletta on a Triple Axle PMI Trailer

These are “homemade” pontoons. The builder took great pride in these boats; they have everything on them including two large horse power outboard engines (one on each tube). The outside two pontoons are actually triple tube center tubes with the transom as part of the pontoon. We’d have liked to have seen the boat on a longer frame, but the balance was fine and the customer was happy.
house boat

Our triple axle frame is available in 28’-30’-32’ and even 34’ lengths. Six 14” radial tires and three 3500 lbs. axles with disc brakes give you enough capacity to tow almost any pontoon. The brake coupler is sometimes the weakest link on big trailers. We use an 8500 coupler. Big trailers aren’t a special order or a curiosity for us. We build probably a hundred a year and just as important, we KNOW how to do it.
pontoon boat on a trailer too light duty for itWe got this image off the internet. We don’t know whose trailer this boat is on. Most people would agree that this is a BIG boat. Probably 26’ with a large engine. The walk on hardtop and slide adds about 800 lbs. This boat has to weigh at least 6,000 lbs. If the tires are 14” their carrying capacity is about 1760 lbs. 4-1760 lbs. tires equal 7040 lbs. capacity. Deduct a 1,000 lb. trailer yields a carrying capacity of 6040. If this trailer isn’t overloaded, it’s right at the edge of its capacity.

This is the type of calculation you must do if you are actually traveling with a big; heavy pontoon.
pontoon trailer  This is a competitor’s triple axle trailer for a big heavy pontoon. It’s got a 5” frame, 14” (bias ply) tires, nice custom fenders. The front is braced (2 versus our three) and it has five cross braces. Big trailers like this want to “buck” but this trailer doesn’t have any lateral support. Probably sold as a storage trailer. The center tube is supported with fishing boat riser brackets. You can see them stressed in the picture. It has touches tread plate to add a custom look like our dress up kit. On a steep ramp a pontoon nose cone could catch the back of the front bunk. I suspect they use split bunks because the manufacturers only gets it’ in 10’ lengths. This company builds trailers for large fiberglass boats and they don’t have split bunks.

Some new boat buyers are wiling to pay $1000+ extra for a trailer when they buy it with a new boat from a dealer. Often they don’t get more than convenience for the extra money. 
triple axle pontoon boat trailer  Our triple axle trailer for big heavy boats:

5” frame, 6 cross braces. Full length lateral bracing.
2” x 6” bunks covered in bunk wrap. 8500 lb.
capacity and 8500 brake actuator, LED lights,
14” radial tires, tires, 10” disc brakes.

You can pay more but you won’t get more.

When we sell a trailer that can carry 6000+ lb. We provide a brake coupler that can stop the weight of the load.

Many companies use the standard 4500 lb. coupler on trailers for big boats.


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