About Saltwater Pontoon Trailers



Going to salt water presents special problems for trailer owners. The trailer should be “hot dipped” galvanized. That means the trailer frame is welded and then dipped in galvanizing solution. Painted trailers will start to rust after a couple submersions. Some companies make trailers from pre-galvanized tube. The trailer is welded together and welds are spray painted. Galvanized tube isn’t much better than powder coating when it comes to resisting salt water.

The trailer should have DISC brakes. Salt water will destroy the small parts in drum brakes.
The trailer should have radial tires. Not for salt water but to run in 100 degree heat from Valdosta, Ga. to Ft Myers or Naples. Bias ply tires may overheat or fail around Tampa. Very few northern boaters trailer their boats eight hours in 100 degree heat. Most bias ply tires won’t survive the trip.

hot dipped galvanized pontoon trailer frame brakes for saltwater pontoon trailer galvanized steel pontoon trailer frame
Hot dip Galvanized Frame
13" or 14" radial tires
DISC NOT Drum brakes
Saltwater destroys drum brakes
Ordinary galvanized steel will
rust in saltwater
pontoon trailers for saltwater
Manitou 24’ SHP going to salt water. Some galvanized trailers usually built in the north are sold with “white painted” rims. They really don’t think you’re going to salt water. Salt water will take the paint off white rims in a couple launchings. Some boaters don’t want brakes because they know that salt water eats drum brakes. The decision for or against brakes can be a personal one, as long as you meet your state laws. Our recommendation is brakes. Based on our thirty year experience, you’ll want to stop, not just slow down. We only sell trailers with disc brakes.
pontoon trailer bunk wrap

Bunk Wrap a great option for salt water boating. Salt water deteriorates bunk carpeting. It’s simple enough to rinse the bunk carpet down, along with the rest of the trailer, but plastic bunk wrap purchased as an option is less expensive than replacement bunk carpeting.
pontoon trailer for saltwater 
Premier PTX on a PT-328. This is what you need if you’re taking a big heavy pontoon boat to Florida from northern Michigan. A triple axle hot dipped galvanized trailer with 14” radial tires and 8500 lbs. capacity. The trailer in the photo belongs to a northern Michigan dealer who has used it for three years and delivered five boats to Florida for his customers. When you’re hauling a customer’s boat like this six hundred miles, it doesn’t make sense to take a chance with a cheap storage trailer. 
pontoon boat on pickup truck 

This is a one way to take your pontoon to Florida, but you should still have a hot dipped galvanized trailer.

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