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Bennington 2550rl on PT24T Trailer
Bennington 2250RL shown on a PT-24T with a stern extension.
Center Tube Supported center tube unsupported
Center tube supported  Center tube unsupported 
The center pontoon on Bennington, and some other brands, extends beyond the other two outside pontoons. If you’re not traveling the weight behind the trailer won’t make much difference. If you’re traveling you may want extra support. The optional stern extension will do it, or simply pull the trailer further forward on the trailer.  
pontoon trailer for elliptical tubes 
PT-22T with Bunk Wrap and Load guides, set up for Bennington 22SSRX
two tube elliptical style pontoons.  21’2” tubes, 22’8” deck.  
elliptical tube pontoon trailer elliptical pontoon tube
Elliptical Pontoon
round pontoon tube
Round Pontoon
elliptical tube pontoon trailer
Bennington offers boats with elliptical pontoons. The tube is shaped like an egg laying on its side. Some brands of “ordinary” bunk brackets don’t support the width properly. We have a special “expanded” bracket (no extra charge) that fits this type of pontoon tube perfectly. Load guides are recommended for elliptical pontoons to help them glide onto the bunks.
pontoon trailer 
This is an old trailer, mismatch tires, bunk carpet worn off. But it shows the boat pulled further onto the trailer to accommodate the extended length of the center tube and engine. 
Manitoou 25SHP Pontoon Boat 
Manitou 25 SHP on our PT-26T with stern extension. The boat fits perfectly. This boat has a larger center pontoon. 23” outside pontoons and a 27” center pontoon. The 25 SES weighs about 3500 lbs. A large engine can weigh up to 600 lbs. With fuel and some accessories this boat can weight almost 5000 lb. 
tripple tube pontoon boat  Click  Here to learn about
Triple Tube Trailers
pointed pontoon tubes 
We use a center bunk with a 4” drop to
accommodate the larger center tube.
Some models have a pointed or rounded front.
Our Deluxe “deep” winch stand fits perfectly.
South Bay 220 pontton boat on a PT24T Trailer 
South Bay 220 on a PT-24T with brakes. This customer stopped in to buy a Water Pad. He just purchased a new trailer and told us that he was unhappy with it. He had purchased it with a new boat from an dealer. He was going on a long vacation and was concerned about it bouncing. He brought the boat and trailer by for our inspection. He had never been instructed how to use the anti-bucking loop on the winch stand (although its in the owners manual) and the boat didn’t have anything holding it to the trailer. We showed him how to use the anti-bucking loop and sold him some ratchet straps. 
pontoon trailer ties downpontoon trailer tie down

Pontoon trailers usually have a front loading winch to pull your pontoon onto the trailer. Our trailers have a loop welded on the front of the stand. After pulling your boat onto the trailer, run the ratchet strap down through the loop and back up to the tow eye. Ratchet it snugly and this helps prevent the front of the boat from bucking as you travel.
southbay 220 pontoon boat on trailer
A perfect fit in the back.
fitting a pontoon trailer 
The front is three to four feet too long.
This boat model number is a South Bay 220 which might lead some to believe its 22’ long. But its 20’ 7” long on a trailer designed for a 22’-24’ pontoon. Many modern 22’ pontoons are almost 23’ and sometimes 24’ long. This one is not. Someone saw the Model 220 and assumed the boat was 22’ long. But once the boat was on the trailer someone, including the owner, should have noticed the trailer was too long. Part of the bouncing the customer feels, beside the boat not being fastened to the trailer, is the tongue flexing. The trailer was financed and registered so no one probably wanted to change it.  
pontoon trailer load guides
This trailer was sold with wind guides, a popular option but there was even something wrong with them. They were “tight” against the pontoon tube. They should be 3”-4” away from the tubes. The front load guides were too far forward. The two in the back guide the boat onto the trailer and the forward pair should be about half way up the trailer to keep the boat coming on straight. Load guides this far forward don’t do anything.

It’s discouraging to see our brand of trailer, even one that we didn’t sell, not properly adjusted and fitted. Our customers sometimes seem to get annoyed when we ask questions about their boats. But our desire is to make certain that we help you select the right trailer for a perfect fit and trouble free traveling. Everything we do at trailersforpontoons is geared towards educating the trailer buyer. Ultimately you’ll be the one towing and the salesman from the boat show won’t be any help if you have troubles.
Harris 230 Flote-Bote on a PT-26T  Harris 230 Flotr-Bote on pontoon trailer 
Harris 230 Flote-Bote on our PT-26T. A perfect fit. The 230 doesn’t mean it’s 23’ long, it’s actually 25’. This image shows how your boat should be strapped to the trailer for safe traveling. 
Haris 250 pontoon boat on PT-26T trailer 
Harris 250 on our PT-26T. This 27’ boat should fit on our 26’ trailer. The trailer fits the two outside pontoons but the transom and engine stick out almost 4’. After our customer towed the boat home from the dealership he became concerned about the overhang. We had discussed the length beforehand but once he got it home, he decided he wanted a bigger trailer. He returned the tandem, and we exchanged it for just the price spread tandem to triple axle. 
PT-328 pontoon trailer 
This is the same 27’ boat on our PT-328. An excellent fit. After the trailer swap the customer realized that although he leaves his boat on Lake James in Angola, he might want to take it on a 300 mile trip to Kentucky Lake. On this trailer he could take his boat anywhere. We were glad that he was local and didn’t have to make a long trip to swap it out.  

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