What You Need to Know About Our Crank Center Lift Triple Tube Trailer

You must be careful about weight overhang on a cantilever style trailer. This style of pontoon trailer “cantilevers” front to back to lower or raise the boat. Any weight extending beyond the back of the top rail is multiplied by TWO. If you have a 22’ trailer and use it with a 25’ boat, the trailer has to work harder to raise the weight of the extra 3’ beyond the end of the trailer. If the extra weight is 300 lb. the trailer lifts an extra 600 lb.

In this situation, you could jeopardize the integrity of the winch and lifting system. You may even bend the back of the trailer. Manufacturers recognize the limitations of cantilever pontoon trailers and sell them in varying bed lengths. When confronted with a trailer that has a bent stern and worn winch, warranty will usually be denied. Buy the bed size trailer to match the length of your pontoon.

crank center lift pontoon boat trailer

Customers frequently buy center lift pontoon trailers to be used on multiple boats or even to rent. It’s the customer’s responsibility to make sure that renters or friends don’t damage your trailer.
It will fit 8’6” wide triple tube pontoons and most 8’6” wide two tube boats.
It can be used on some older 8’ wide boats as long as you have 49” clearance between the outside pontoons. It will NOT FIT the Bennington Elliptical center tube (the one that’s shaped like an egg on its side) and some models of JC that have bracing between the pontoons.
crank center lift triple tube pontoon trailer

We’ve shown this trailer without a boat to illustrate the capacity. At 4000 lb. the frame is stressing. The heavier the load the harder it will be to crank. Loads much over 4000 lb. will put a strain on the lifting system and may be difficult to crank.

It’s NOT recommended for boats heavier than 4000 lb.
Tandem or Triple Axle?
The trailer comes from the manufacturer with 12” D range radials that have a capacity of 1220 lb. each. A tandem axle trailer has a tire capacity of 4880 lb. Deduct the weight of the trailer, 1500 lb., and you have a load capacity of 3380 lb. If you have a 22’ Tri-Tube and you’re not going far 3380 lb. might be fine. The optional tire upgrade might be worthwhile. If you’re using the trailer only occasionally the tandem will be okay. If you’re moving a number of boats you'll want the triple axle and maybe even the hydraulic.
The Hand Crank Trailer takes three to four minute to crank.

It seems like a long time but if used only occasionally it’s no big deal. Those who buy this for a lot of work will get tired of the cranking. Some add a $600 electric winch but they need replacing. If you’re buying for heavy use, buy the hydraulic.
E-Cote Finish
Rather than paint or powder-cote the tri-tube trailer has an e-coat finish. It’s a zinc dip process that seals the steel against rust and wear. One of the characteristics of e-coat is for the finish to “dull” over time. Somewhat like galvanizing does with age. Generally e-coat is superior at resisting rust than ordinary paint.

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