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 Trailers for Pontoons warehouse
We normally have about 250 pontoon trailers in stock with 50 more coming every week.

We do not manufacture trailers, we build and assemble them to your requirements. By assembling rather than manufacturing we can handle the increased volume in the busiest months. Most manufacturers can build 10-12 trailers a day. We can assemble as many as 20 a day. When you want a trailer in May, we take one off a stack and assemble it to your requirements rather than ask you to wait four weeks. No worry about old weather-worn trailers. Because of our volume trailers seldom sit in the yard more than a few weeks. During the winter their inside. You’ll always get a trailer, with fresh paint, new tires & accessories with a current model year serial number.

Trailers come to us semi-assembled.  We add tires, a winch stand and adjust to your size.

We’re a year around business. We build inventory in the winter to handle the 1500+ units we sell a year. Winter, spring, summer, fall we’re here to fill your order.


We are the largest seller of pontoon trailers in the USA and we have been for over 20 years.  We make this statement not to brag, but to emphasize that we are experts in pontoon trailers.  We know a good pontoon trailer from a bad one, we can recognize design flaws; not enough bracing, weak bunk brackets, cheap carpet, fenders or tires, etc.  We warranty what we sell, we won't sell junk and we want satisfied customers.


This is the tenth year for our trailersforpontoons web site. We’ve been gratified by the response from our customers who’ve bought trailers over the internet. We are different from other companies selling trailers because we usually do not build a trailer for you. We have 10+ of the most popular trailers in stock. We customize a trailer, adjusting the bunks adding tri tube kits, spare tires, load guides, etc. If you order a single axle trailer and decide that you want a tandem when you visit, it's no big deal. If you decide you want a spare tire we pick one off a stack and add it while you wait. We fill your order from stock, adjust and customize it for you. Specials or changes aren’t a problem. Change your mind, no problem.

We do not advertise the name of our trailer manufacturers. We buy trailers from different suppliers and the trailers are made to our specifications. Our trailers have extra bracing for strength. Our trailers have modern LED lights. If you buy optional brakes you get modern disc brakes. We install the best tires and better tongue jacks. Many trailer manufacturers have a good-better-best series of trailers. Ours is always the BEST PLUS. Our web-site tells you everything you need to know and what you are getting. We warranty the trailer we sell. But just as important we avoid warranty by providing the best of everything. There is no run around or lengthy paperwork for warranty. But again we avoid warranty by providing the best product. Customers sometimes want to review the trailer manufacturers web-sites but you’ll not see the trailer we’ll selling because they are not standard production models.

There is a lot of misinformation and ignorance about pontoon trailers. When we built the site we spent time developing informational pages, we’ve kept adding page after page about tires, construction, triple tubes, salt water, etc. We’ve added so much information to our trailersforpontoons site that it’s become cumbersome. We developed a new informational web site pontoontrailers101.com.

The past few years have seen a proliferation of big heavy pontoons with big engines, some even 10’ wide. If you’ve got a $40,000+ pontoon boat with a 150+ HP engine, a center tube and a 50 gallon fuel tank, you really need to pay attention to what kind of trailer you're buying. You might not want to accept the first recommendation of some part time salesman working a boat show, without doing some homework about construction, tires and brakes. We’ve put everything we can think of about our trailers in writing on our web site. You know what you’re getting when you buy from us. If a trailer is claimed to have D range radial tires it won’t have bias ply B or Cs. The tires will be new, not old and weather-checked. The bunks have rubber backed,16 oz. carpet, not felt that rips the first time you launch. When you pick up your trailer, the tire pressure and lights will have been checked, the bunks will be adjusted and the serial number will identify it as a brand new, current model year trailer. Our delivery receipt has the cell phone number of our Operations Manager and our Owner. IF you should have a problem, we have people that can fix it and you can get ahold of them.


There are no hidden charges, no inbound freight or prep charges. The price on the internet is the price you pay. The options are clearly identified on the options page. Popular options like load guides and spare tires are discounted when you buy the trailer. I.E. most pontoon trailer load guides cost $145+, ours are $110 when bought with the trailer. Most 13” spare tires are $135, but again our price when you buy the spare tire with the trailer is $85. and a mounting bracket is included. (usually $12.) We give you a fair price on the trailer and don't rip you off with the options.


Trailers picked up at our location in Indiana will be subject to Indiana sales tax. Indiana has reciprocity with surrounding states so you won’t have to pay tax twice. Trailers picked up or delivered outside of Indiana or Michigan are not subject to Indiana sales tax but if you are in a registration state you’ll probably have to pay sales tax in your home state when you register your trailer. We will collect Michigan sales tax for trailers we deliver in Michigan. Michigan has somehow annexed our Indiana business and the interstate commerce laws seem not to apply.



Our terms are C.O.D. we accept bank/cashiers checks and most credit cards  (we surcharge American Express).  When paying with credit cards we like to process the sale a day before you pick up your pontoon trailer, the banks are careful with your money and approvals sometimes take hours.



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