Lo Loader® Center Lift Triple Tube Pontoon Trailers by Hoosier
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If you're in shallow water or want to store somewhere with low clearance, the center lift tri-tube trailer is perfect. It’s a crank version of our popular hydraulic dealer use trailer.

crank center lift pontoon trailer

BX-325TT-HC - Triple Axle (not recommended for boats over 4000 lb.) - $6000
 For 22' to 26' Triple Tube Pontoons - 25' Loading Bed - 32' Overall Length.
Trailer weighs 1400 lbs.

pontoon trailer weights

Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing


145R12” E range tires, 1520 lb. per tire capacity $10 per tire exchange.
D range tires are for yard work. E range tires increase capacity and are recommended for road travel.

 storage block 12” tall, 17” x 17”, roto-mold plastic Storage Blocks
set of four (for Bi-Tube Boats) $165
set of six (for Tri-Tube Boats) $240
Most triple tube boats will need to be blocked when lowered.


2” x 5” top frame, 8 or 10 lifting arms. Raises with a 2600 lb. winch through an eight to one lifting system. Front stops with protective pad for the center pontoon. 12” radial tires on galvanized rims. LED lights in protective cages. HD Dual wheel jack. Takes a 49” center opening. Lowers to 27” (you will have to block some boats), raises to 43” (allows sufficient ground clearance for the biggest tubes). E-coat finish. 

center lift triple axle pontoon trailer  crank center lift pontoon trailer for triple tube pontoon boats  Needs a 49” center opening. Lowers to 27” (you’ll have to block most boats). Raises to 43” (Plenty of ground clearance for big tubes).  
Eight to one pulley system with a 2600 lb. winch. The lower frames locks to the winch stand so
your boat never travels on cables.
Designed for modern 8’6” boats but will fit older boats as long as you have 49” of clearance between the pontoons.

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