Heavy Duty Dealer-Use Center Lift Pontoon Trailers

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Marine Dealers, rental operators, campgrounds and people who move a lot of pontoons. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. Don’t be fooled by imitations.
A few hundred dollars saved on a trailer like this will be lost in repairs or tipped boats. We’ve sold this trailer for over sixteen years and its moved hundreds of thousands of boats in hundreds of dealerships.

Hydraulic Pontoon Trailer Frame

BX-224-HYD - 24’-8" bed 32' overal length tandem axle 4000 lb. capacity - $6050
Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing

Hydraulic Center Lift Pontoon Boat Trailer Battery Tray hydraulic center lift pontoon boat trailer
Hydraulics are in the front of the trailer, down out of the line of sight of the driver.
A remote controller with a 14’ cord and battery tray is included. YOU supply the battery.
Rollers and plastic guides protect the pontoon tubes from damage.
positive lock mechanism  positive lock mechanism 
Positive lock safety mechanism. When traveling,
your boat doesn’t rides on hydraulics. 
Tie-down points on the frame allow you to secure
boats to the trailer when traveling. 
centerlift dealer use pontoon trailer  deep throat dealer use pontoon trailer
Torsion axles on narrow wheel base trailers are a benefit.
12” D range radial tires on galvanized rims give a smooth ride.  
The widest-deepest throat in the industry.
44” wide, 93” deep. Fits boats with large transoms and
almost every known production pontoon boat. 
reinforced welds pontoon boat trailer bracing
Sixteen years in production we know where the stress points are.
They are reinforced with welded steel bracing.


2700 lb. axles, 1520 lb. tire, trailer, weights 1000 lb.
2” x 4” frame, 5 cross braces, 4 lifting arms - Handles the biggest boats.
Raised Height 40” Lowered 24”. 26” pontoons have ground clearance. Sits most boats on the ground.
Comes with everything you need, except the battery. Battery Tray is included.
Powder Cote finish. 1 year warranty on the trailer.

If your moving a lot of pontoon boats or simply don’t want to crank,
the Hydraulic Center Lift pontoon trailer is for you.
Center Lift Pontoon Trailers for TRIPLE TUBE PONTOONS 
46" outside rail to rail 38 1/2 inside  25' bed or 28' bed to fit all boats 
BX-325TT-HYD - 25’ bed 32’ overall length #6000 capacity - $7000

BX-328TT-HYD - 28’-8” bed, 36’ overall length #6000 capacity - $7400
With many newer 24’ pontoons now 27’-28’ long (with swim-decks) and I/O’s so popular,
the HYD BX-328 with a 28’ bed may make sense for many applications.
Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing
Triple axle #1220 RADIAL tires on galvanized rims.
12" tires are  standard, larger tires won't fit. 
Two hydraulic lifting arms raise the heaviest pontoon with ease. Trailers  come with everything you need EXCEPT the battery. 

Our triple axle center lift triple tube pontoon trailer has been in production for four years. Our business has sold 90 and all are in use today. This is a proven product that has been used on thousands of triple tube pontoon boats. However, these trailers will not work on all brands of triple tube pontoons. Bennington has a model with an elliptical center tube that doesn’t have enough space for the trailer. J.C. has a model with bracing between the center and outer tubes that prevents our trailer from fitting. But, the trailer will fit many of the triple tube pontoons. Bennington (except for the elliptical tube) Avalon, Bentley, Crest, Forest River, (Berkshire-South Bay-Xcursion), Harris Flote-Bote, J. C. (except the Tri-Tube) Manitou, Nautic Group (Sweetwater-Aqua Patio-Sanpan), Premier, Starcraft, Sylvan, Tahoe, Tracker, etc. The triple axle triple tube hydraulic will also work with most 8’6” wide two tube pontoon boats.

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