Why a Heavy Duty Pontoon Trailer?

heacy duty pontoon trailer frame

The frame on our 22’ or longer trailers (shown above).
We claim that we have the strongest frame in the industry, so who needs a Heavy Duty kit?

Because customers recognize the strength and quality of our trailers, we’re selling more and more trailers for real heavy duty (sometimes commercial) use. Boat “haulers” that deliver boats from the manufacturers to dealers and make long trips several times a week. Customers who travel long distances: Wisconsin to Arizona, Michigan to Florida. Even people that travel a few hundred miles a couple times a year would benefit from a stronger trailer with bigger tires.

The Heavy Duty Package

All standard features of our ordinary trailers, ultra bow, reinforced stern PLUS.
5” frame of 1/4” steel. Our standard 4” frame is 1/8” thick steel. When we want a heavy duty trailer we use a thicker-stronger steel (1/4”). The few competitive trailers that have 5” frames use 1/8” steel which isn’t any stronger than our standard 4” frame.
heavy duty pontoon trailer

Full length frame stiffeners. In addition to our already strong frame the H. D. package adds two full length pieces of 2” x 4” steel to further reinforce the frame. Big heavy pontoon boats twist and flex when traveling. Anything you can do with the trailer to prevent flexing makes for a smoother ride.
pontoon trailer heavy duty leaf springs
Five leaf spring system in lieu of four. Four leaf springs are plenty strong (2400 lb. capacity each). Five leaf springs have 3000 lb. capacity and give you a little smoother ride. With larger pontoons tending to flex and twist a trailer, having a stiffer suspension is a big benefit. 
larger tires for pontoon trailerlarger rims and tires

14” radial tires in lieu of 13”. Our 13” D range radial tires are generally the strongest in the industry with a carrying capacity of 1610 lb. But 14” tires run cooler with an extra 600 lb. capacity on a tandem axle trailer and more rubber on the road.

The H. D. Package is only available on trailers with tandem axle brakes.
What is the Carrying Capcity of our Heavy Duty Trailer?

2-3500 lb. axles (7000 lb.)
4-1760 lb. tires ( 7040 lb.)

The strongest frame in the industry with strengtheners.
6000 lb. coupler We must rate the capacity at 6000 lb.

Want to increase the capacity to 7000 lbs. ?
Optional 8500 lb. brake coupler $95 in lieu of standard. Requires 2 5/16” ball.  

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