Jet Ski Trailers for your PWC (personal watercraft)

Four Place Jet Ski Trailer
4 place jet shi trailer
Pontoon trailer companies often make four place jet ski trailers. The flexing and twisting of four modern jet ski’s is similar to the stresses that a pontoon boat puts on a trailer, except that jet ski’s are worse. Our four place jet ski trailer has a strong 5” frame with 14” tires. Modern jet ski’s can be 12 feet long and weight 800 pounds. You need a heavy-duty trailer, not just for the weight but for the flexing.

Standard Features 
2-3500 lbs. 100” wide axles with Acculube™ Hubs, 14” radial tires on galvanized rims, modern tandem axle disc brakes, powder coat finish, adjustable bunks covered in plastic bunk wrap to help your machines load easier, 5” x 2”, 1/4” steel frame, 4 bow stops with web straps, 5 cross members to support the heaviest machines and eliminate twisting and flexing in the trailer frame, full length walk board to help loading, custom style contour steel fenders, 1500 lbs. dual wheel tongue jack, modern style LED lights with tail lights protected in steel boxes, tie down spots in strategic locations on the trailer frame to secure Jet Ski’s to the trailer, safety chains, approved wiring and everything you need to meet U. S. & Canadian D.O.T. standards.


disc brakes and actuator 4 place jet ski trailer frame
Custom Steel Fenders 14" Radial Tires
Tires on galvanized rims, rust free, looks sharp.
Modern DISC Brakes & Actuator
Low maintenance, no back-up problems
Strongest Frame Available
No sagging frame of broken welds.
pwc trailer features jet ski trailer tires jet ski trailer tie downs Dual wheel tongue jack LED Lighting
Plastic Bunk Wrap
Machines slide easily
Radial Tires
Better traction, last longer
Tie Down Points
Secure your machines
Dual Wheel Jack
Moves easier
LED Lighting
Superior to incandescent.
trailer walk board  OUR Four Place jet ski trailer has a full length walk board. When retrieving PWC’s, walk down the carpeted board to help guide your machines onto the trailer. This is a real benefit at a steep or slippery  ramp (most are). 
Here's How Your Jet Ski's Load 

Before backing the trailer into the water, pull the pins on the back two stops removing them so they do not interfere when you drive your jet ski’s on to the trailer. Drive all four jet ski’s onto the trailer, pull out of the water, replace the two back bow stops, and winch the back two machines in place. 

Bunk Wrap allows you jet ski to load easier Quick release winch stand

Two Place Jet Ski Trailer
two place jet ski pwc trailer 2 place pwc trailer
Carries two of the widest Jet Ski's
side by side
PWC-16/13 - $1395
Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing
2700 lb. capacity, 13” tires, swing away tongue jack. Complete with everything you need.
Walk Board The walk board is a “big deal” on our two place trailer. It allows you to walk along the frame when loading your machines, out of the water. It’s handy late in the season when the waters cold.

One Place Jet Ski Trailer
adjustable bunks
Fully and easily adjustable bunks.
loosen 2 bolts (for each bunk).
one place jet ski trailer
PWC-13/12 - $695
Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing
1250 lb. capacity, 12” tires, swing away tongue jack. Complete with everything you need.
Standard Features.
3”x 2”-14 gauge steel frame, Powder-Cote Finish, Adjustable front winch w/10” strap, Carpeted Bunks, Tie Downs on Frame, Class II coupler for 2” ball, Tongue Crutch, Submersible Tail Lights with wiring to meet all state laws, 4’ Tongue on single to more easily launch at shallow ramps, Walk Board on Two Place for easier retrieval, 5 hole wheels, 12” C range tires on 1 place, 13” D range tires on the 2 place. We don’t sell trailers with junk tires.
Fully adjustable bow stop with ratchet
winch and 10’ sewn-in “soft” strap to
prevent scratching your water craft.
Reinforced molded fenders
with steps front & rear.
Tail lights are semi-protected with a step
above and tie down points on the frame.

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