Options for Flote-On Pontoon Trailers

Pontoon Trailer Load Guides
Spare Tire 13” $85*
*When purchased with trailer

Loading Guides
Set of 4 - installed on a new trailer $95
Set of 2 - installed on a new trailer $45
Set of 2 sold as a parts item for other
brands of trailers $75
Set of 4 sold as a parts item for other
brands of trailers $145


Pontoon trailer loading guides. Helpful to center  the boat on the pontoon trailer in a river (with a current) or in windy conditions.

Angled back to protect spray fins


Straight up and down for Triple Tube Trailers for heavy duty use.

For more information on Pontoon Load/Wind Guides Click here 

12” for Light Duty trailer $65*

Pontoon trailer spare tire Supplied with a mounting bracket when purchased with a new trailer.

Additional helpful information on Pontoon trailer tires & wheels.


Tires on galvanized rims  $10/Wheel
 Great look, won’t rust.

Standard on all but 16-18
Light Duty Trailers

Tongue Jack UPGRADE $20

Put Dual wheel jack in lieu of single wheel on single axle trailer.
Standard on Tandem axle trailers

Aluminum Wheels $75 exchange ea.
Additional tire information - click here
Aluminum pontoon trailer wheels

Tri-Tube Bunk Kit $299

Includes carpeted bunks to support the center tube and a larger “deeper” winch stand (Big Man’s Stand) to accommodate center pontoons that sometimes protrude beyond the front deck.


This kit is NOT sold as a service parts item. It is priced as an exchange option to go with a new trailer sale. The bolt on bunk system will generally NOT work on other brands of trailers
(they don’t have enough cross members).

We can not ship the carpeted bunks or the winch stand.

Deluxe winch stand $50 exchange

Deluxe “Big man’s” winch stand wider steps w/platform at top.  Bow stops are 12” deep to accommodate Tri Tubes that protrude beyond the deck.

We can accommodate most major brands, but some have larger or odd shaped tubes.

pontoon trailer storage box pontoon trailer storage box  Pontoon Trailer storage Box $99.99

36” long, 21” wide x 16” tall, Bolts to the V in the front of our trailers.

Mounting included, when you purchase with a new trailer. Locking clasp standard
(you supply the lock).
Roto Mold construction, virtually indestructible.
Can be sold as a parts item. call for shipping costs.

Black finish to coordinate with trailer.
Tandem Axle Trailer “DRESS UP” kit $150 on a new trailer
Chrome diamond plate on the winch stand, steps, tail lights and fenders. 12” pieces on the front frame and small pieces on the tail light bracket. Diamond plate really stands out on the black trailer. Competition offers $1,000+ “custom” packages; we can accomplish the same look for a couple hundred dollars. Dress it up more with bunk wrap and aluminum wheels.
Shallow Water Package $150
10” E Range bias ply tires replace 13” radials, (10” tires are not available in radials). 10” E range tires cost more than C or D range but you need a higher quality tires for capacity. Plastic bunk wrap is standard with the package. Your boat slides on and off the trailer easier on plastic versus carpet.
Shallow Water package pontoon trailer for shallow water 
shallow water package for pontoon trailer
We believe our standard trailer with 13” tires is the absolute best road trailer. 13” radial tires run cool and transport your boat safely. However there are people that don’t travel more than a few miles from the ramp to storage. Some lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin have shallow ramps. Our standard trailer needs about 3’ of water to launch. Most ramps have three feet of water, otherwise fiberglass boats couldn’t launch. But on some lakes customers may have trouble getting in and out of shallow water. The shallow water kit can be an option, especially if you don’t plan long distance highway travel. 

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