PT-20 Tandem Axle Pontoon Trailer

13” D range radial tires, 4” frame with four cross members. 5000 lbs. carrying capacity.
Carpeted bunks adjust for boats 6’ wide to 8’ 6” wide.

PT20-T Tandem Axle Flote-on Pontoon Trailer Features

PT-20 Tandem Axle Trailer for 18’-21’ pontoons

15’2” bunks, 24’ overall length, trailer weighs 950 lb. Carrying capacity 5000 lbs.
Single axle brakes satisfy many states brake laws. (Trailers in Michigan over 3500 lb. must have brakes on all axles.)

It is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with all local brake laws reguarding trailers.
For full information on the laws in your state contact the appropriate agency or click here

OUR HONEST OPINION We recognize that many customers don’t want to spend money on brakes. Single axle brakes meet the brake law in most states (except Michigan and Pennsylvania). Our 10” single axle disc brakes will stop about 3500 lbs. Most modern 22’ pontoons with a motor weight about 3000. Tandem axle trailers for 22’ boats weigh about 800 lbs. Thus 3500 lbs. of braking might satisfy many applications. If you have a 4000+ pontoon on a 800 lb. trailer, tandem axle brakes should be considered. It’s the owners responsibility to keep your family safe and meet state laws. We want you to stop, not merely slow down.
No Brakes
Your tow vehicle stops the load
Stops about 3500 lbs.
Stops over 7000 lbs.
$2165 $2745 $2945


STANDARD FEATURES of PT-20 Tandem Axle Trailer

  Pontoon Trailer Step FenderSteel Fenders offer real
protection for your boat.

Modern LED lighting. Less trouble from bulbs, loose
connections, lasts longer, glows brighter. 
13" D range RADIAL tires on
galvanized rims. 1610 lb.
capacity. Best tire available.
Galvanized rim looks sharp
won't rust around the lugs.

Tail lights in waterproof
boxes to eliminate damage. 

 Specifications for PT-20T Tandem Axle Trailer
4” box frame 11 gauge steel. 4 cross braces (side frame supports) connect and support the side rails.
Pontoon tubes are supported on 8 bunk brackets (4 each side) connected to the main frame.
 Pontoon tubes ride on full length 15', 2” x 4” bunks covered with marine grade rubber back carpeting.

Two 3500 lb. axles with 4-13” D range RADIAL tires yields a carrying capacity of 5000 lbs.
Please note: Different trailer companies have different ways of arriving at capacities. Our way is the DOT method.
We do not understand how some companies take chances over rating their trailers. All you have to do is look at the tires.

Lighting is the modern LED style standard. Wiring is in a custom made harness, no loose wires.
Tail lights are in protective cages with the side marker lights also protected.

A “baked on” powder-cote finish protects the steel. Steel is washed and cleaned before powder coating.
An adjustable winch stand is included. The winch stand has boarding steps and a  handrail.
An 1600 lb. winch helps you pull your boat onto the trailer. The stand also has an “anti bucking” loop to help secure your
boat when traveling. A 1500 lb. dual wheel "swing away" tongue jack and front tongue crutch is also standard.

Trailers conform to or exceed all DOT (Department of Transportation) rules for lighting, chains, etc.
For Canadian customers, our weight paperwork and titles are in both lbs. and metric.

Trailers are “ready to go”. There are no hidden charges; inbound freight, make-ready are included.
Print this page and take it with you when you when shopping. Indiana or Michigan sales taxes apply.

Popular Options for for the PT-20T Tandem Axle Trailer

Deluxe winch stand for pontoon trailer

Deluxe Winch Stand
Now Standard in all tandem axle trailers!
pontoon trailer bunk wrap
Plastic Bunk Wrap + $85

Protects carpeted bunks,
makes launching easier.
Aluminum pontoon trailer wheels

Aluminum Rims each $75

Exchange for galvanized rims
3200 lbs front loading pontoon trailer winch
 3200 lb. Front Loading Winch + $50

Exchange 1600 lb. winch
Some heavy modern boats need a stronger winch.
pontoonboat wind guides
Load or Wind Guides (set of four) $95

Helps center your pontoon on a windy day
or a rough lake. Angled back to help
prevent damaging spray fins.

Mounts with U bolts onto any cross member.
pontoon trailer options 

13" spare tire $85
Mounted on frame.
  Triple Tube Kit $299

Our kit has bunk covered in protective bunk wrap. Bunk Wrap keeps pontoon spray fins from destroying the carpet. The kit also includes our Deluxe Winch Stand with 3200 lb. winch option (standard). Most triple tube pontoons are big, heavy boats that need a stronger winch stand and winch. Kits can be full length or 3/4 to fit all triple tube boats.
Stern Extension for Triple Tube Pontoons $200
What is a Stern Extension ? - Click Here
pontoon trailer stern extension
Some brands of new pontoon boats have center tubes that extend beyond the back of the outside tubes.
Some are 2’+ and the engine often extends another 2’-3’ beyond the back of the center tube engine pod.
When matching a trailer to this type of boat you can step up a frame size or buy the optional frame extension.
Dress Up Kit $150 Chrome Diamond plate on the trailer.

Chrome diamond plate on the winch stand, steps, tail lights and fenders. 12” pieces on the front frame and small pieces on the tail light bracket. Diamond plate really stands out on the black trailer. Competition offers $1,000+ “custom” packages; we can accomplish the same look for a couple hundred dollars. Dress it up more with bunk wrap and aluminum wheels.
swing tongue for pontoon trailer  Swing Tongue +$245 (for tandem axle)

Saves 24” from overall length. Use swing tongues when
trying to fit a trailer into a storage building.
The Heavy Duty Swing Tongue kit includes two safety pins.
Swing tongues are not recommended for boats over 4000 lbs.


For Information Call

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