Salt Water Pontoon Trailers

If you're going to salt water, you need more than just a galvanized frame. You need a good trailer with a strong reinforced frame, with superior tires that will run 8 hours, from Valdosta to Ft Myers or Miami in 90 degree heat. You’ll want brakes to bring you out of the mountains near Knoxville safely and disc brakes are best for salt water, you can rinse the salt out of them easily. The bigger the boat and engine, the more important a quality trailer is.

Pontoon Trailer for Saltwater

Saltwater Pontoon Trailer Showing Extra Bracing
Extra bracing front and back and five or six cross-members keep the trailer from flexing.
Pontoon boat trailers, unlike ordinary boat trailers, carry the weight on 77” centers, if not
properly reinforced, the frame can actually twist itself apart on long hauls.

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Saltwater pontoon trailer hitch saltwater trailer brakes saltwater pontoon trailer axle
Modern styling “concealed” brake coupler combined with modern disc brakes for trouble free operation in salt water.
Most fresh water boaters never consider that drum brakes with springs and moving parts will last about a month in salt water.
You can buy aftermarket “rinse out” kits for drum brakes but most people never do. When you bring your pontoon trailer
back north  after use in salt water, your drum brakes will be “gone”. To rinse salt water out of disc brakes, just spray the brakes
with a hose. If you're going to salt water you need disc brakes. Coming out of the mountains, you’ll be glad to have disc brakes.
You'll want the very best possible tires
pontoon trailer tire load rating We recommend D range (more rubber than C’s) or radial
tires are even better. You’ll see the people who have a trailer
with cheap tires, on the side of the road about half way
between Valdosta and Ft Myers (or Miami).
Cheap tires won’t run 70 MPH.
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We have taken pontoon trailers to salt water in Florida on four different occasions. On an early trip friends told us we didn’t want brakes in salt water so we took a 24’ pontoon with a 85 HP on a bunk trailer. We came over Jellico Mountain (on Hwy 75), out of the mountains, down to Knoxville in a heavy rain without brakes. We were scared to death in a full sized Suburban, it was dangerous and we never made the trip again without brakes again. Our recommendations on this page are from real life experience. There is quite a bit that can go wrong on a 1200 mile pontoon boat towing adventure. (2400 round trip) Most northern boaters will never tow a pontoon boat more than an hour or two in hot weather, but from Valdosta south, its 80+
degrees. Cheap tires won’t run 70 MPH in ninety degree weather for six or eight hours and it's eight hours from Valdosta to Ft Myers or Miami.

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