Why a Super Duty II™ Pontoon Trailer?

Not everyone needs a Super Duty II™. (SD) If you’re buying a trailer just for storage our standard frames are the best in the industry. Our 4” (3/16") steel frame is stronger than competitions 5” (1/8”) steel frames. But people who travel with heavy boats could benefit from an even stronger trailer. Tandem axle disc brakes will stop a 7000 lb. load; single axle brakes only stop 3500 lb. A 5”- 3/16” frame will eliminate “bucking” and bounce even with the biggest boats. 14” tires run cooler than 13”, 12” or 10” and the trailer only sits 1” higher.

Tandem Axle Disc Brakes. If you have a boat and trailer package that weighs 5000+ lb. you don’t want single axle brakes that stop 3500 lb. You especially don’t want old fashioned single axle drum brakes that stop less than 3500 lb.
actuator couplingOur Super-Duty II trailers have an upgraded 8500 lb coupler.
Most brake actuators have 6000 lb. capacity. Manufacturers who sell tandem axle brakes often don’t actually use tandem axle actuators. We do. All Super Duty Trailers have the upgrade 8500 lb coupler for a 2” ball. If you need a 2 5/16” hitch we can do that as well for an additional $150.

Super-Duty trailers have tandem axle disc brakes with a tandem brake actuator.
We want you to be able to stop, not merely slow down.
Super duty II; package tires 
14” radial tires in lieu of 13”. Our 13” D range radial tires carry 1610 lb. But 14” tires run even cooler and carry 1760 lb. The 14” tires only make the trailer sit 1” higher than 13” 
Aluminum pontoon trailer rims
Galvanized rims standard    Super Duty II™ customers
often like optional
aluminum rims. 
Our Standard Frame is the Strongest in the Industry 
tandem axle frame features
reinforced stern

Our 22’-28’ trailers have the best bracing in the industry.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with our standard heavy duty frame but the
Super-Duty is stronger.

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