Tandem Axle Flote-On Storage Trailers
( N0 BRAKES For Storage or Short Runs)

Tandem Flote-on Storage Pontoon Trailer

PMI-220/13 for 18'-20' Pontoon boats - $2345
16' Bunks 24'8" Overall length, 4 cross braces, capacity 4400 lbs.

PMI-222/13 for 21'-22' Pontoon boats - $2395
17' Bunks 28' Overall length, 5 cross braces, capacity 4400 lbs.

PMI-224/13 for 23'-24' Pontoon boats - $2455
19' Bunks, 30' Overall length, 5 cross braces, capacity 4400 lbs.

Why a Storage Trailer

The reason we call our strong 20’ to 24’ tandem axle trailers without brakes  storage trailers is because they DON’T HAVE BRAKES. In many states it’s illegal to sell a tandem axle trailer with a 3000+ capacity without brakes. States like Michigan mandate that tandem axle trailers even have tandem axle brakes. Some of the national manufacturers have quit selling tandems without brakes. In the past we’ve always stressed that our trailers are “road trailers”. Good strong trailers that can travel anywhere without difficulties. But a good percentage of our sales are to lake property owners who aren’t traveling and who don’t want to add the expense of brakes to the cost of a trailer ($500+).

For 2019 we’ve conferred with our insurance company and our attorney because we don’t want to stop providing good quality trailers to customers who really aren’t traveling much. The solution (until we have trouble) is to identify these trailers as storage trailers. We believe this will prevent any difficulties for our customers when registering trailers with their state (EXCEPT PENNSYLVANIA ).

Standard Features of Tandem Axle Non Brake Models

Reinforced stern bunk supports
22' and 24' trailers have a reinforced stern for
modern pontoon boats with larger-heavier engines.
Bunks are supported on the main frame.
5" brackets allow you to tow lower and launch in shallower water.
Our tandem axle non-brake models have more standard features and strength than most of our competitors. In fact the only stronger frame that we know of is our brake trailer.
tandem axle storage pontoon trailer features
Steel fenders offer real protection for your boat when on the trailer. LED lights eliminate light and wiring problems. LED lights won’t “pop” when submerged in water. The best 13” D range radial tires with a 1610 lb. capacity on galvanized rims. Galvanized rims won’t rust around the lug holes. A 3200 lb. winch won’t fail when loading a 3500 lb. boat. The anti-bucking loop holds your boat to the trailer and pulls the front down. A swing away dual wheel tongue jack will support the heaviest boats.

4” box tube steel. 12 gauge side frames and cross members, reinforced front. Baked on powder coat finish. 2” coupler. 1500 lb. swing away dual wheel tongue jack. Deluxe winch stand with big step and large handrail. Steel fenders. 13” D range tires each rated @ 1610 lb. carrying capacity. Bunks adjust for pontoons 8’ to 8’ 6” wide. 5 cross members tie the side frames together. Modern LED lighting. Tie down points on the frame. Marine grade rubber backed carpeting over 2” x 4” wooden bunks on 20' and 2"x6" bunks on 22' amd 24' models. Bunks are supported on the main frame. 3200 lb. front loading winch with a 20’ strap to pull your boat onto the trailer. Anti-bucking loop on the winch stand to secure your boat to the trailer and pull the front of the boat down. All required DOT equipment.

Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing

Options for Storage Pontoon Trailers


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