Triple Axle Pontoon Trailers

Heavy Duty Triple Axle Pontoon Trailers

For pontoon boats 25’+ in length with large outboards or I/O engines.
If you’re traveling with a large pontoon, the security of 6 tires on the road can not be overstated.

triple axel pontoon trailer
If you are looking at this trailer, you’ve spent $40,000+ for a boat this is what you need if your traveling. This trailer has “everything” you need to transport a big heavy pontoon. Wisconsin to Arizona, Michigan to Florida. You don’t need to know about pontoon trailers or to trust the salesman at the dealership. We’ve been selling trailers for thirty five years and this is what you need.
PT-28-3/14 HD BR for 25’-28’ 8' to 8'6 wide Pontoon Boats - $4695
Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing


Triple axle pontoon trailer Triple Axle Pontoon Frame
14” radial tires on galvanized rims on three 3500 lb. axles.
Trailer in top photo shows painted wheels. Galvanized are now standard.  
2 5/16" ball modern concealed
look heavy duty brake coupler.  
The strongest frame in the industry.
2” x 5” box frame with 6 cross
braces and 2 full length vertical braces.   

Available Options
Triple Tube Kit (supports center pontoon) $249 (specify brand of boat).
14” radial spare tire $95.
Aluminum wheel in lieu of galvanized + $75 per wheel.
Galvanized Finish $700.
10’ wide kit $250 (for 10’ wide pontoons).
10 in wide pontoon trailer kit 10 in wide pontoon trailer kit
PT-328TT shown above in Galvanized

Bolt on Tie-Down Straps - $75.00 (pair)

Our Pontoon Trailers are specially designed to accommodate these tiedown straps. Mount on the rear of your pontoon trailer and never worry if you remembered to bring your tie down straps again. Purchase with your trailer and we will mount them for you.

• Strap retracts for easy storage and no tangling
• Easy bolt on function (Hardware included)
• Vinyl coated J-hooks protect boats finish
• Provides super strong holding power
• 2" x 43" Transom Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Equipment and Specifications for the PT-28-3 Heavy Duty Pontoon Trailer

All of the standard features of our trailers; LED lights, tail lights in cages, anti-bucking loop on the winch stand, etc. Plus, 3-3500 lb. axles with 14” radial tires and upgraded brake coupler, 8500 lb. capacity.
The capacity is limited to 8500 lbs. only by the brake coupler.

2” x 5” box steel frame, 11 gauge side frames and 14 gauge cross members, baked on powder coat finish.
with 6 cross braces and 2 full length vertical braces.
Big pontoon boats twist and flex trailer frames, this trailer won’t shake apart or break welds.

 2” x 6” bunk, wrapped in carpet, support your pontoon tubes.
Bigger pontoons have larger tubes and the more surface area the better support.

 Tandem axle 10” Disc Brakes with a 2 5/16” concealed coupler.
Modern technology in the brakes and coupler.

 Deluxe (Big Man’s) winch stand with 3200 lb. winch standard to safely pull a large boat onto the trailer.
The front loading winch won’t break the first time you use it.

 Four load guides to help center your boat in wind or high waves.

party hut pontoon trailer

PT-30-34 3/14 HD BR 30’ to 34’ pontoons 8’6” wide $4845.
This trailer is for the Tracker Marine 30’ Party Hut or the 34’ Party Cruiser
Triple Axle 3-#3500 axles, 6-14” tires rated at #1760 each 5” reinforced frame
10” brakes on two axles, #8500 brake coupler with 2 5/16” ball,
Winch stand w/Deluxe Steps & handrail,
2” x 6”carpeted bunks, dual wheel swing away tongue jack.
This triple axle trailer with 14” tires is rated at #8500

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