Warranty on all trailers sold by Trailers for Pontoons
ALL trailers sold by trailersforpontoons carry a full ONE YEAR limited taillight to tongue warranty.

Everyone knows what can go wrong with a new trailer. Cheap, overloaded bias tires wear prematurely. Incandescent lights get hot and “pop” when submerged in cool water. Wiring that is taped together and not in a “plug in” harness will work loose and cause problems. Water will get into drum brakes, corroding the small springs and causing the brakes to lock up. Brake trailers without the back-up solenoid can engage when you back up. 1400 lb. front loading winches will not pull a 3000 lb. boat onto the trailer. Some manufacturers use adjustable axles because they allow the trailer builder to ship more trailers on a load. They count on the low skill employee at the dealership to put the axles on straight. A high percentage of adjustable axles are on crooked, resulting in premature tire wear and bad towing. Steel not cleaned properly will result in a lousy paint job. These deficiencies' are known by everyone in the trailer business. Trailer sellers don’t address these situations because most people will not ask for warranty. They pay no penalty for their omissions.

As wholesale distributors selling trailers to boat dealers, we recognized that many (not all) but many dealers’ attitude is that the trailer had to be good enough to get the boat off their sales lot. Price and profit potential is often the only consideration. When trailersforpontoons started we chose not to operate this way. We are a family business. When a trailer customer picks up a new trailer we give them the owner’s and operation manager’s cell phone. We don’t want problems. We dropped a manufacturer that we had done business with for 20 years who was reluctant to change because we wanted a better trailer. Manufacturers hate changes even when they are product improvement. We went exclusively to LED lighting with plug in wiring. We had ongoing trouble with bias ply tires so we switched exclusively to radials. We use 1800 lbs. or 3200 lbs. winches because modern boats weigh 2000+ lbs. A 1200 lbs. winch won’t work. A cheap single wheel tongue jack is hard to crank on a big tandem trailer; we use H.D. dual wheel jacks on tandem axle trailers. We discovered that by adding a back up solenoid to the brake wiring harness, we could eliminate the need to get out of the vehicle to use the backup “spoon”. Because of our 10” brakes we never had brake problems but when the price of modern disc brakes came down, we switched. Disc brakes are so superior to drum brakes, they should be standard on all trailers.

We recognize warranty when we see it, no matter how old the trailer is. A cross member on a three year old trailer broke. The manufacturer refused warranty because the trailer was three years old. But we could see that the weld had “poor penetration” into the steel frame. If that isn’t warranty we don’t know what is, whatever the age of the trailer. The steel piece was replaced and re-welded. The three year old trailer is good as new and we don’t sell this companies trailers anymore.
broken pontoon trailer frame
Trailers are made by human beings and no ones perfect. We inspect every trailer when it’s delivered to us. We check for greased bearings, test wiring and lights, we install the best tires, usually better than trailer manufacturers and we check the air. I go on and on about the best way to avoid warranty is to use the best material but there is no substitute for actually inspecting the new trailer. As distributors/dealers we work hard to identify difficulties before they become problems. When we have too many problems from one supplier, we change suppliers.

IF YOU HAVE A WARRANTY ISSUE, WE’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU. But the best way to avoid problems is to plan for and eliminate weaknesses in the product. You don’t have to know a lot about pontoon trailers, because we do.