What's different about our trailers 
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The FRAME carries the weight of your boat

Strong pontoon trailer frame Not our pontoon trailer frame not our pontoon trailer frame
The Strongest frame in the industry.
Our single axle models have more bracing than many competitors’ tandem axle trailers. Bouncing and bucking is eliminated with a properly braced trailer.
pontoon trailer bracing

Trailer manufacturers who don’t think you’re going to travel skimp on tires, lights, bracing, etc. You can recognize these things if you know what to look for. The same manufacturers skimp on the strength of their frames by using thin-walled steel. You can spot a trailer frame that’s not braced but most people assume that all 2” x 4” trailer frames are made of “strong” steel. But there's a difference.
2” x 4” Rectangular Steel: 14 gauge weighs 3.29 lb. a foot.
2” x 4” Rectangular Steel: 1/8” weighs 4.75 lb. a foot.
2” x 4” Rectangular Steel: 3/16” weighs 6.88 lb. a foot.
Most people selling trailers won’t be able to tell you anything about the steel. But looking at the way the trailer is braced and the weight (on the title or in the literature) will tell you a lot.
Our PMI-24T with 4” frame is 980 lbs.
Our PMI-24THD with 5” frame is 1180 lbs.
EZ Loader™ TEZP-22-24 5” frame 1157 lbs.
Yacht Club™ P2423 4” frame is 700 lbs.
Yacht Club™ P2423 5” frame is 1040 lbs.
Hoosier™ WFB-224 4” frame is 840 lbs.
Karavan™ 22-25 4” frame varies 900 lb. to 1085 lbs.
Wolverine™ 24 TAB 4” frame is 720 lbs.
Genesis™ PT-24S 4” frame is 650 lbs.
tubular steel in pontoon trailerThere is a difference
Manufacturers not listed don’t have weights in their literature or websites.
Most trailer components weight about the same: tires, lights, bunks, etc. 10” or 12” tires might be lighter than 13” but these differences don’t amount to much. The Yacht Club 4” frame is 280 less than the PMI 4” frame yet the Yacht Club 5” frame is only 60 lbs. heavier than the PMI 4” frame. The PMI 5” frame is 117 lb. more than the Yacht Club.
All weights are taken from the manufacturers’ websites. We were shocked by the weights of the Wolverine and Genesis but again the information is from their source. The weight of the trailer must be on the manufacturers statement of origin and it’s an important DOT number. It must be accurate.
You can draw your own conclusions but the weight of the trailer tells you how much steel you have supporting your pontoon. For a small pontoon with a small engine it might not matter. But if you have a larger pontoon with a 150 HP engine that cost $40,000 you might care.

BUNK BRACKETS support your pontoon
Our bunk brackets are supported by cross members on the main frame.
Not welded on outriggers or brackets. This is important for heavier pontoons.
Pontoon trailer bunk brackets pontoon trailer bunk brackets
Narrow frame trailers have “outriggers”
welded on to the frame to support the bunk brackets.
A piece of 2” x 2” steel welded across
the frame to support the brackets.
pontoon trailer bunk bracket failure  The image to the left shows what happens when you don’t have enough bunk brackets. The weight of the boat has bent the bunks to the point where they rest on the fender. That weight has bent the fender.  

The TIRES Everything's riding on them. 
galvanized rims  trailers for pontoon tires pontoon trailer wheels 
Galvanized rims don't rust around the holes.  Want fancy wheels? We got them. 
WE Have the BEST Large Radial Tires on galvanized rims.
Many pontoon trailer manufacturers don’t believe you’re going to travel with your trailer. What other possible
explanation is there for using small junk tires?  The cost of great tires (ours) versus junk tires (theirs) is minimal.
Why cut costs on something as important as tires?  
rusty painted pontoon trailer rims  bias ply trailer tire  trailers for pontoon tires 
Trailers with painted rims look like
this in two years. 
We wont sell bias ply tires.  Larger tires (13'-14") run cooler. 

12" tires with different capacities.

Check the tire sidewall to see
what you are getting.

The WINCH STAND loads and holds your boat on the trailer 
Economy Pontoon Trailer Wincg Stand  deluxe pontoon winch stand  deep pontoon trailer winch stand 
We have the best winch stands. Even our economy stand on single axle models has
steps, and a handrail. Tandem axle models have wider steps with a platform at the top.
 If you have a protruding center tube or a trolling motor, use our deep stand.  
pontoon trailer winch stands 
Power Loading will ruin a cheaply made stand.     Our Deep Stand fits all Tri-Tubes 

LIGHTS & WIRING the source of most trailer problems 
pontoon trailer lights 
All our trailers have modern LED lighting.
Tail lights are in protective cages to keep them from breaking.
Our wiring is in a harness that plugs into lights. No loose wires.
 LED lights burn brighter, yet they are cooler, and last several times longer than old fashioned incandescent lights. There is no bulb to work loose when traveling down rough roads. If you don’t think LED lights are a big deal, Google replacement LED lights. There are dozens of articles about replacing incandescent lighting with LED. 
Exposed incandescent tail lights. Exposed wiring; easily torn or worn
What's different about our trailers 
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